About Smart Investor course outline

In stock market we heard that 99% of retail investors, who invest their hard earned money in stocks and commodity market loose their money. This is because these people enter into the market without having any knowledge. Proper education is must before start trading in stocks, futures, commodities or in currency market. 

Smart Investor course is specially developed for the beginners and freshers who want to learn and understand what is share market, how it woks, how to invest in share market, futures and options market, commodity marke and currency / forex market, what are the dos and donts for investors and traders in stock market, what rules they have to follow while trading in stock market, how to trade online etc.

Program Highlights

•Program provide basic introduction about the financial market, share market, commodity market and forex market.
•In depth understanding towards practical approach to investing & trading.
•Be a smart investor in 1 month.
•Faculty with more than 5-10 yrs of experience in broking industry, stock market analysis and fund managment.

•Live case of investment and trading in stock market.
•Value addition to your resume, get noticed by the Employer.

What the student will get?

•Theory & Practical Training
•Hard copy study material (content developed by Industry experts having more than 8-10 years of experience in financial market)
•Smart Investor certification (Provide by NIFM)
•Rules and regulations for investors and traders
•DOs and Don’ts for Investors and traders

Career Opportunity

Other Courses Offered By NIFM

•Advance Diploma In Financial Market Management (ADFMM)
•Diploma In Financial Market Management (DFMM)
•diploma in research analyst
•Technical analysis and Fudamental analysis