Payroll course overview:

The certified payroll professional course is a subscription-based training course that aims to meet the requirements of HR payroll professionals who would like to be well versed with the latest updates in income tax and trends governing payroll processes in India. 

Objectives of the payroll course are:

  • Provide in-depth knowledge of payroll and income tax calculations as per the income tax rules and regulations
  • Provide in-depth understanding for payroll professionals on various income tax components and retiral payments
  • To keep HR payroll professionals up to date with latest income tax trends/impacts of changes in tax and social security laws of India
  • Enable HR payroll professionals to identify the common gaps in the HR payroll process and payroll accounting
  • Enable HR payroll professionals achieve a better compliance with income tax regulations such as provident fund laws, gratuity rules, superannuation schemes, investment options etc.
  • To upskill HR payroll professionals who are dealing with basic assessment related issues.

Top 4 benefits of the payroll certification course:

  • Learn the basics of income tax, payroll, payroll process, payroll compliance, payroll accounting from experienced industry practitioners
  • Understand how to apply your knowledge of HR payroll in real world
  • Continuous learning model which keeps the learners updated on the latest in payroll regulations and updates throughout the year
  • Clarify doubts during and post sessions. 

Key features of the payroll course:

  • Subscription based learning model: After the completion of the 8 hours live session, participants will get to attend live webinars conducted by GVITC in India experts on a quarterly basis to stay abreast of all payroll regulation changes. 
  • A payroll course that focuses on continuous learning: After the first year, participants can get themselves enrolled in the second year for recertification and quarterly webinars at a significantly reduced price.
  • Practitioner oriented: Taught by GVITC in India payroll experts, this payroll course is highly application driven. It is taught through practical examples and case studies.
  • Support during the time of payroll course: Participants can reach out for doubts during or after the sessions. Participants will also get access to LMS for 1 year which will have readable documents.
  • Avail this payroll course even if you are not an HR payroll employee: This payroll course is suitable for both; professionals who are currently not working as HR payroll employees and HR payroll professionals who wish to advance their career. Through this payroll course, learners will be made acquainted to the very basics of payroll, payroll accounting, and payroll compliances.