Programme Overview

Digital has bucked trends, shifted perspectives, and galvanised innovation all around us. This is the time for marketers to leverage digital tools and re-engineer organisational roadmaps that make agile digital marketing a reality. To create and maintain an edge in today’s complex and demanding marketplace, the Indian Institute of Management, Jammu, has launched the Executive Programme in Digital Marketing

This programme is designed to help participants learn digital marketing tools and techniques and how to apply them with a core knowledge of marketing management. This programme is your answer to how you can engage and retain customers, and successfully achieve business objectives. Saddle up, and ride the digital wave to spur your career advancement.

Who is this Programme for?

This programme is especially apt for professionals who want to dig deeper into the evolving digital milieu and harness digital marketing for explosive career growth.

This programme is beneficial for:

  • Early career professionals keen to expand their marketing understanding and advance their knowledge of digital marketing tools, metrics, and analytics
  • Marketing managers, sales managers, branding, PR & advertising professionals who wish to expand their skill set on the digital side
  • Digital marketing professionals who want to broaden their overall marketing acumen and advance their knowledge with new tools, metrics, and analytics
  • Consultants and entrepreneurs who want to build a digitally-savvy mindset, scale growth and advance their digital marketing practices to align with business goals

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and become familiar with the tools and techniques
  • Understand the journey of a digital consumer and learn how to build a strong content marketing strategy to connect with the target audience
  • Explore various digital marketing channels and identify the right channels for business growth
  • Create and run digital marketing campaigns and gain insights on how to optimise budgets and campaign performance