Hardware and Networking are an integral part of the IT industry. Laptops, uninterrupted internet, and cloud storage are essential for any software professionals to continue their work without any interruption. The unhindered work can be conducted only when hardware and networking are set up seamlessly without glitches. 


IT hardware and networking have also advanced with time. The hardware and networking have moved ahead from physical server stations to cloud storage and virtualization. 

The professionals in hardware and networking can hold various positions from help desk giving support on the network, a part of the field support, working in various areas such as network support, or as an internet support administrator. The career path begins with being in support, help desk, and support admin and can go up the ladder to establishing the virtual servers or being a LAN admin.

The IT jobs are broadly categorized as IT hardware and networking, or security and infrastructure, or hardware services. Students with knowledge of computers can explore the options available for a career in this area of hardware and networking.

If you are a person with a degree in computers, you can try your hands in hardware and networking. With a few years of experience, you will be in a good position to take a call in which stream you would like to go ahead with the career. 


The hardware and networking area is huge, and you can get various positions to make an entry into the career. Then you can progress further with the hardware and networking course available online and offline. You can check for the hardware and networking course fees, hardware and networking course syllabus, and hardware and networking course details before deciding on the course. If one has good clarity of the concepts and the subject, getting a job in the field is not tough. With adequate preparation and certification, you can answer hardware networking interview questions confidently to get a job.


Every establishment needs a server technician in-house. The positions will be available everywhere so the requirement of personnel. The server technicians install, update, maintain server systems and take care of troubleshooting as well. As one gains experience, they can proceed further to server upgrades, planning, and new installations. Servers are required to be in good working condition at all times. So, setting up new servers from scratch, configuring new systems would be part of the job profile for server technicians. Starting a career as a server technician would give ample experience to progress in the hardware field, which is in great demand. 

On average server technician earns $40,000. The demanding job requires one to be on call at all times. A slight glitch in the server of the network puts everything off the grid, so server technicians would be required to work under high pressure and fix the issue quickly. 


The job profile of the network support technician is to set hardware and software products. In short, they create a work environment for software professionals to do their work. They are also the ones to address issues that might arise, troubleshoot, and resolve the issues. The issues that arise may or may not be within the company. Normally, every organization has its department to conduct these activities. 

The network support technicians will be part of the help desk and sometimes might need to work at the client’s workplace. In smaller companies, they might also conduct the duties of an administrator. The average salary of the professional in this role is $43,000.


Though the roles of network system administrator or network system engineer are slightly different, most of the time, the organizations have similar responsibilities for them.

An administrator takes care of LAN and WAN. They are involved with monitoring the performance of the network, problem troubleshooting and problem-solving, network security maintenance, router, firewall, and switching configuration are some of the jobs handled. 


Anyone with experience in the above three roles can take up the role of manager. With adequate experience and knowledge, they will be included in higher management for future changes, upgrades, and planning. 


Computer hardware and networking professionals are always in demand. The benefits of hardware and networking course aids in job placement without much effort, as the hardware and networking jobs have been consistent and do not seem to vary much. The hardware and networking salary are good in the industry, as mentioned above. The software has been changing a lot, but the base on which it works is hardware and network. Certified professionals are always in demand. So, check out for the career options and get certified to embark on your career and to progress in the hardware and networking field. 

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